Private House West

Jersey Design Awards 2015 ‘Highly Commended’ – Award for the best un-built scheme

This site is situated in the West of the Island with spectacular coastal views. It was originally the setting of two small cottages and a four-storey Hotel that formerly dominated the site. Godel Architects were appointed to design and deliver a substantial home, in an architectural language that would showcase the site and its views over the bays.

A concept was developed of a series of nestled and intersecting pavilions housing the principle spaces, connected by a central hall that unifies the constituent masses and connects the entrance of the house, through the heart of the building to the impressive views beyond; creating a series of enchanting moments as one enters and moves through the house.

Materials were selected to add interest, delight and quality to the building. They were thoughtfully brought together to complement each other in colour, texture and hue, in response to the site’s qualities and light. They were also connected and detailed in a way to reflect the strikingly modern aesthetic. This included bespoke metalwork, contrasting with large areas of high-performance glazing that allows space and architecture to blend seamlessly from interior to exterior. The dwelling is unified with its surrounding landscape, designed by award winning landscape architect, Ian Kitson, that reflects the fresh, contemporary style of the house.

This scheme is environmentally sustainable by means of a series of highly energy-efficient ground source heat pumps, and the design of the building makes best use of natural light and ventilation to minimise energy consumption. Green roofs and previous areas of hard standing returned to wildflower meadow encourage the proliferation of indigenous wildlife and fauna on the cliff-side site.

This Project was completed 2019