Located on the St Clement coastline, this one of a kind piece of architecture has become something of a landmark on the Island and is a fantastic example of the breadth Godel Architects’ design capabilities.

The client approached Godel Architects to develop the site of an existing building, which was deemed to be of low architectural merit.  The brief required the new building to provide a principle apartment for the client, with four separate guest apartments to the rear, replacing the existing structure on the site.  Legal covenants posed restrictive challenges in terms of mass and height, which were carefully circumvented, whilst still meeting the spatial requirements set by the brief.  
The design was inspired by International and Art Deco styles, chosen to provide various architectural opportunities to form an exciting and striking building, an architecture suitable for the seaside location, and a home full of quirk and charm.  By the use of clean lines, simple materials and glazing, the scheme developed a dynamic and expressive architecture, with a fun and vintage vibe.
The building’s elevations are designed to reduce the impact of the mass by stepping the facades and by means of a first floor balcony to the majority of the seaside elevation. The horizontal render band that wraps around the building emphasises the horizontality of the elevations, visually reducing the building’s scale and making it appear quite heavyweight, giving an air of permanence. 
The primary materials are white and blue insulated render. This simple colour palette is designed to maintain a level of clean and nautical styling, giving the building an overall fresh and crisp appearance.
The internal spaces were designed to open up to views to the sea, whilst preserving privacy at the lower garden and driveway level.  The client’s brief also required an exceptional level of thermal efficiency. It is with this in mind that the proposal boasts a super-insulated render system, which in part contributed to an all-encompassing thermal strategy.