Le Vouest

Jersey Design Awards 2011 ‘Commended’ – Best refurbishment of an historic building.

Godel Architects were appointed by the Clients to breathe new life into the semi-derelict site, that was listed as a Site of Special Interest, and was therefore in need of careful consideration during its renovation; not only in the spatial design, but in the construction techniques and detailing employed to in its transformation.

The brief was to develop a collection of three farm buildings into a complex of domestic suites to together, operate as a family home.The first is a now a new five bedroomed dwelling, formed from the shell of the original ‘West Barn’, and which was also extended by means of a contemporary enclosure designed as a modern interpretation of a traditional barn.  This was particularly successful as it used traditional materials and methods in a contemporary way. It resulted in a very honest building, made up of clearly identifiable portions of old and new, which sit collectively together as one building; uniform in it its palette and scale and therefore appearing homogenous and whole.

Secondly, the original farm cottage was fully refurbished and renovated using the latest renovation techniques, to bring the building’s thermal performance in line with contemporary guidelines, whilst still using the ancient technology of thatch for the roof, for example. This part of the site now provides a three bedroomed guest suite.

Thirdly the ‘East Barn’ was converted to provide an office and entertainment suite as well as a staff flat, again brought up to current standards, using a variety of technical methods and careful architectural detailing, as is always applied to sensitive and listed sites as this.

Together, this group of buildings marry together beautifully.  They are a fine example of how historic and contemporary design and construction techniques can come together to complement each other.
The project was completed in 2011.