La Pinede

Godel Architects were approached in March 2011 to design and deliver a replacement building for an existing single-storey property on a cliff-top site.

The original building was of a low thermal performance and was unsuitable for modernisation. The existing rooms were proportionately small for the size of house, laid out in an awkward warren of interconnecting doors and corridors. It was therefore more economical and logical to design a new dwelling, built to meet client’s needs, whilst also meeting rigorous and sustainable thermal performance requirements, by means of a super-insulated envelope that helps the building achieve a high level of energy efficiency.
The aim of the design was to develop a scheme that ties in sympathetically within the site and its positioning within the landscape, whilst delivering a sharp, distinctive architecture; providing good internal flow and connectivity with the outdoor areas and the stunning views over the bay.

A carefully selected palette of contemporary materials, finishes and details complement the building’s setting and form. Some of the external walls are finished in white render, others in an opulent dark stone cladding that run from interior to exterior to emphasize the interior’s the connection with the outside, and which add texture and a tactility to the architecture. The roofs are slate and the window frames and doors re finished in elegant, dark powder coated aluminium to complement the walls.
Construction was completed in 2016