Herm House

The proposed garage block which is closest to the only neighbouring
property has a lower floor to ceiling height on both floors to reduce
the perceived massing at the North end of the site. Flat roofs have
been used to provide two spacious floors of accommodation without
dramatically increasing the roof height. Slim profiles clad in Powder
Coated Aluminium create a crisp edge to the design.

The house follows the linear form of the site. The two wings off set
from one another allow the building to open up to the Southeastern
views and the elevations reflect the different types of accommodation
in the various parts of the house.

The western elevation which is the main elevation facing the entrance
road is clad in Striated stone. This wall has a series of vertical
openings in it to provide glimpsed views of the fields beyond. As one
moves around the house, the elevations become more perforate
allowing greater areas of glazing toward the bay views. The granite
is replaced by white render and stone cladding with polyester
powder coated windows set in to the reveals delineated by the
changes in material.

The polyester powder coated aluminium windows generally extend
from floor to ceiling and are set back in to the facade. These reveals
provide solar shading from the lower East and West sun. At the
entrance to the house, the windows which surround the front door are
double height. This provides glimpses through the house to the
garden and the fields beyond.