This 3 Bed dwelling, built on the site of a former bungalow, is
located adjacent to a regenerated orchard between the edge of interior
agricultural land of St Ouen and woodland trees to the south of St
Ouen Manor.

Designed as an evocative group of vernacular rural buildings, the
scheme is scaled appropriately to suit its position in a landscaped
setting, whilst also sensitively expressing its sustainability and
environmental credentials.

The scheme makes optimal use of the site’s potential to capture
uninterrupted solar gain and natural daylight, both in terms of
providing renewable energy for the dwelling and its ancillary uses,
and in creating a comfortable internal environment throughout all
times of the day and year.

Innovation is provided by the seamless integration of passive and
active energy control features (bespoke brise soleil, adjustable blinds
and awnings, solar control glazing, and ventilated rooflights etc.)
together with low-energy whole house mechanical ventilation and
energy recovery systems and LED lighting installed throughout.

Excess renewable energy provided by the solar panels is sold back
to the grid to provide clean energy for other buildings to use in the
community. In response to post occupancy evaluations and analysis,
a battery pack will soon be installed to improve self-sufficiency to an
even greater level, with the ambition to reduce the building’s need to
draw any power from the mains electrical grid.

Wide-scale landscape and habitat enhancements throughout the
surrounding formal garden, terraces, and adjacent revitalised
orchard have far surpassed the ecological objectives for the scheme.