Cote du Mont

The clients commissioned Godel Architects to reconfigure, enhance and extend their home, a building in a unique location; taking in the spectacular views of Mont Orgeil and the historic harbour below.
The original house had been changed and augmented over a number of decades, resulting in a mis-matched warren of rooms, with poor flow and even worse structural integrity.  Due to the failing condition of the envelope, Godel Architects had the opportunity to subtract parts of the house that were of little or no architectural value, replacing them with new and exciting spaces, befitting of a house in this location.  The site is a steep cotil, which posed not only design but construction challenges, which Godel Architects managed and turned to positive advantage. 
The scheme was developed with a concept of linear, striated levels, allowing almost all rooms to enjoy the fantastic vistas.  This strategy also afforded the opportunity to extend the concept into the landscaping, by means of a number of tiered external levels, each providing a function of their own, be it al fresco dining, or a fabulous swimming pool.   The form of the building was developed in a complimentary way to this concept, using materiality and colour to express the floor to ceiling windows in the main living space with a white highlighting edge, the other, surrounding materials being a contrasting darker palette, to appear to set back into the cotil behind.  The building itself is made up of distinctly different components, which are expressed through the use of traditional materials used in a contemporary way, creating a lively pushed and pulled assemblage of blocks of mass and void; obtained by the creation of recessed balconies and extruded canopies.
Internally, in response to the client brief, a number of interconnecting rooms on the upper ground floor were designed to allow separate activities, whilst maintaining visual links and proximity.  The kitchen is located at the heart of the house and is central to the proposals, with a sitting room and external terrace directly linked to this pivotal place.
The result is a wonderfully playful building, beautifully detailed at the junctions of the varying materials, and which provides the client with a stunning family home. 

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