Clos Le Lay

In a corner of a hamlet in rural Trinity, two residential sites were
reworked to create four beautiful family homes, in a sympathetic,
traditional style, to quietly blend into the peaceful countryside.

This scheme was designed to provide its inhabitants with the
experience of attractive, rural homes, each with private gardens and
comfortable, bright rooms. The four new houses were orientated to
afford users privacy, whilst taking in views of the surrounding fields
and their own, individual, private gardens.

It was important that the development lay comfortably within its rural
setting and was designed to passively encourage the proliferation of
wildlife, using wildlife planting corridors with native planting and
specialist bird boxes.

Architecturally, although each house is unique, there is a design
thread that runs through all of them, in their materiality, massing and
style, which creates a far more homogenous impact than their
predecessors. They sit together as if a small grouping of farm
buildings, each with its own purpose and character.

This scheme proves that sensible, space-efficient development need
not be ‘cookie-cutter’, boring or compromised. Every home at Clos
de Lay has its own unique aesthetic and character, in reflection of
every individual family who will live in them.