Clos Gabourel

This Developer-led scheme was designed to replace two commercial sheds with four new family homes. 

The brief also required the inclusion of an existing barn in the development.  To achieve this, Godel Architects designed the proposal as a traditional cluster of buildings, similar to those seen throughout Jersey in historic farm developments, with a single large ‘farmhouse’ at the end, surrounded by its neighbouring ‘outbuildings’, allowing the design to effortlessly include the existing barn.

The new dwellings were designed in a traditional, local style, finished in granite, slate and timber, as one would typically see in a group of rural Jersey buildings.  The scheme was designed to be read as a traditional farm complex, arranged around a paved courtyard, using natural materials.  The scale and proximity of the buildings were also carefully considered, not only to maximise the accommodation, but to do so in a way that provided a comfortable quality of space and privacy to the residents.  This included consideration of the positioning of each house on the site, and its impact on its neighbours. 

The barn was converted with particular attention to the thermal performance of the fabric, to make it meet contemporary standards.  It was remodelled to flow well internally and to keep any valuable architectural features as possible, whist allowing enough change for natural light and access to be formed to meet the level of comfort that a high-quality development like this should offer.

The detailing of the new buildings was also carefully considered and there are a number of charming architectural features woven into the scheme, which enrich the quality of the development and the overall experience of living there.

This scheme was completed in 2011