Chant de la Mer, Grouville

This site was once the Bistro Rocque Restaurant, in Grouville. The original property had been considerably extended over the years so that the site was of little architectural merit.  Godel Architects were approached by the client to design a new residential development on this visually prominent and well-known site.
Despite being in a largely residential area, this site posed a number of challenges regarding the size and volume of development, and Godel Architects tested various feasibility designs.  This was adeptly discussed and navigated through the Planning Department’s system and coordinated their and Transport and Technical Services’ comments, gaining Planning approval for two large, fine family homes.  
The design of the new homes was driven by architectural studies of traditional Jersey Victorian houses.  They were also designed to sit sympathetically within the site in their relationship with the surrounding buildings and each other, whilst offering high-quality, domestic spaces in an aesthetic that would be at once recognisable and striking.  Godel Architects was successful in achieving a number of design aims, which included careful consideration of the views towards the beach, limiting massing and overlooking, and a general improvement of the site’s landscaping and arrangement. 
The houses are designed in a style reminiscent of the Victorian Villa by the sea.  Massing and proportion was guided by the site’s constraints and faithful design to typical Victorian design ideology, scale and details, the latter of which were devised with exceptional care and attention.  The result being a beautiful development of handsome houses with pretty, delicate ornamental detailing; the site now being a distinctive, high-quality residential development, full of charm and character.