Beach House

Jersey Design Awards 2022, AJA Patron’s Choice

An incredibly positioned, but incongruously designed house, was reimagined as a slick, crisp, modernist home, filled with joyous architectural moments, sunlight, and spectacular views.

The main aim of this scheme is to focus the building’s users’ attention to the site’s spectacular beach-side location, with huge southerly glazing – which flood the home with constantly changing, natural light.

The visitor’s experience is architecturally controlled by use of solid, void, and light and shadow, by means of view-capturing slithers, or expanses of glazing, focusing the user’s attention to specific areas with the architecture and vistas.

To meet high sustainability standards, the building was rebuilt, although the new house lies approximately within the original house’s footprint and general massing. This was an opportunity for the structure to be designed for larger, open spans of space, and to produce a crisp, un-compromised, modernist architecture, allowing this to be an exquisite building of architect-controlled experience. Materially, the bright white render walls are broken up with areas of dark-framed glazing, creating a contrast finish of light and shade, solid and void. Crisp lines and fine edges are masters here.

This is a modernist’s dream. A house of ever-changing light and shadow – ephemeral properties that have been skillfully handled and controlled, to form an ever-changing and unique experience