Baycroft, located on La Route de la Haule, is a new development replacing a derelict single house with a modern apartment building and four single-storey garage blocks. The apartment building, situated to the south, includes seven units, each featuring three bedrooms. The garage blocks are positioned to the north.

The design is inspired by traditional Jersey seaside Victorian villa architecture, specifically drawing from the historic Sur la Mer and Belhaven villas. These four-storey, semi-detached villas, designed in a quasi Belle Epoque style, are located further west along La Route de la Haule. A limited palette of materials has been chosen to ensure a sense of continuity and restrained style, reflecting the neighbouring properties.

The new development offers spectacular views across the bay and seeks to capture the charm of classic Victorian seaside villas, ensuring harmony with the surrounding historic architecture. Built to meet and exceed all relevant environmental standards, the project also includes the restoration of the landscape. Features include an elegant southern garden facing La Route de la Haule and a sheltered central garden for all residents to enjoy.