The Practice

Godel Architects is an award-winning and design-orientated studio, committed to excellence in design and providing our clients with a consistently high level of service and support.

As a practice, we are driven by the principle that good design and quality architecture can not only add value to a project, but can also transcend mere utility and become life-enhancing, no matter the size or type of scheme.  We pride ourselves in our ability to collaborate with other construction professionals, as well as with the States of Jersey Planning and Historic Built Environment Department, which is proven by our range of successfully completed projects.

Above all, we believe passionately in the virtue of honesty in our dealings with Clients, States of Jersey officers and co-professionals, and strive to constantly improve our service through regular reviews and continued training.


We approach every project with creativity, innovation and in response to our clients’ needs through discussion and collaboration.  This has given us a reputation for providing highly imaginative and resourceful solutions to architectural challenges of all sizes and over a variety of project types.

We believe that design is a collaborative process and that consultation and discussion is essential at all stages of a successful project; whether it be developing the brief, resolving strategic or technical constraints, or in communicating with others within a project’s team.  With every project, big or small, we endeavour to create places with personality and spaces that work with purpose; which we achieve through great care and attention to our designs.  This makes our buildings well-made, well-used and well-loved.

We have a multi-talented team, who possess the skills and architectural expertise to faithfully develop designs in a broad range of architectural styles, the quality of our architecture deriving from paying close attention to proportion, scale and detail, and through the skilful manipulation of space and light. We understand that the details of a building are just as important as the macro-design, and we work hard to ensure that our finished buildings are as beautifully crafted close up, as they are a handsome statement from afar.


Although as part of our process we hand sketch and draw to communicate our ideas, all our designs in the practice are developed using state of the art 3D Computer Aided Design programmes, offering 3D fly-through access and pictorial visualisations (stills), that enable clients, the Planning Department, and where applicable, the public, to fully understand the schemes.

We are also fully BIM capable, (Building Information Modelling), which where relevant, allows us to create a sophisticated and interactive model, to facilitate the accurate coordination and quantification of particularly complex components designed by us and other specialists, integrated together in 3D virtual space.

Historic Buildings & Conservation

We believe that all architectural projects, whether on greenfield sites or existing buildings should be of the highest design calibre.  This is particularly important when working on our valuable built heritage, as we contribute to it with every building we work on.  Having the knowledge and skill to sensitively manage our historic built environment is crucial to the long-term survival and enjoyment of these buildings.  We therefore offer a historic building consultancy, which aims to amalgamate a best conservation practice approach with high-quality design, to positively contribute to our built environment and help clients to appropriately manage changes to their historic buildings and sites.


As a practice, we are committed to applying a comprehensive and holistic sustainability strategy to our projects, where possible.  We have wide-ranging experience in designing for low energy consumption, energy-efficient construction, sustainable use of resources, prefabricated buildings, and healthy buildings; and our team has extensive experience in collaborating with specialists in these fields where necessary.  This allows us to offer world-class environmental design, surpassing current standards and requirements.  Godel Architects are also members of the States of Jersey Eco Active Business Network, an organisation which supports businesses to actively apply energy efficient and sustainable strategies day to day.